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“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” Costume Designer Laurent Guinci Breaks Down Golden Trio’s Yule Ball Costumes

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” Costume Designer Laurent Guinci Breaks Down Golden Trio’s Yule Ball Costumes
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The Yule Ball could have been an disagreeable catastrophe for the golden trio, nevertheless it was a convincing success for the crew behind the scene, or extra particularly, the costume designers. Sizzling off his previous interview with Metro, Laurent Guinci, who was one of many costume designers on the Harry Potter movies, spoke to Tyla about some of the iconic and visually spectacular scenes of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireplace.

You spend a number of time creating clothes for movies. It’s not like one thing you’d make for Topshop or for the excessive avenue. Now we have to place far more particulars into it.

First up was the gown that dazzled, Hermione’s beautiful pink gown. Guinci defined how the gown was put collectively and the intentions behind it:

That gown is constituted of layers and layers of chiffon silk, which is dyed in an ombre color, from a lightweight pink to a darkish pink. It’s not like a easy material. It permits it to present depth to the gown and is emphasised from all of the layers you see on the gown, with that form of magical, if not mystical, impact when she comes down the steps within the Nice Corridor.




All of the exhausting work and meticulous planning paid off. He revealed that the ultimate product was a really proud second for the costume design group:

I have to say sure, we had been all bowled over to see Emma within the gown. […] There may be additionally generally that factor of shock when the actor or actress turns up on set the place you all go wow. I feel as a designer it’s an actual achievement.

Though Hermione’s gown was definitely the outfit of the night time, Ron had a a lot ghastlier time. Followers will recall with a lot delight the horror on his face upon realizing that he needed to put on his nice aunt Tessie’s gown robes. Guinci shared the thought course of that went behind their creation:

Ron’s gown robes for the Yuletide Ball needed to be clumsy. We made it look as if Ron’s mum picked up fine details and put it collectively. You must create this costume conserving in thoughts it’s the mum [who]’s making it. The outfit was completely him. It was as clumsy as he was! I need to say it’s ugly in some methods, nevertheless it’s fashionably ugly. It’s completed on objective. It’s iconically ugly!


Ron's Dress Robes


“Traditional? They’re ancient!”


One necessary consideration that the group bore in thoughts all through the inventive course of was the aesthetic that match every member of the golden trio. It was additionally because of this that Hermione’s gown was modified from blue within the guide to pink within the movie – a choice that proved to be significantly contentious.

We obtained JK Rowling’s permission to make the change. Emma fits pink colors and jeans […] If you determine to present an identification to a personality and that identification was stored all through the movies, we felt it was essential. We felt on the Yuletide Ball it was extra acceptable to present a touch of pink of the most effective for Hermione, as an alternative of creating it blue. Rupert’s colors had been inexperienced and orange, whereas Daniel Radcliffe will at all times be seen in mild blue, purple and gray.

“The fans love it; it’s almost as if we have a Harry Potter fashion,” quipped Guinci as he concluded the interview. Jany Temime’s costume designers actually deserve a lot respect and admiration for his or her detailed and iconic Potter costumes, which had been a spotlight in each movie!

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